VoIP DID Numbers with SUPER quality!

Sipon customers can choose Greek Did number 215 xxxx xxx with only 36€ / Y incl. VAT (24%)
In this number you will be able to receive incoming calls from all telephony providers around the world. All you'll need is a virtual phone (Softphone) you can get completely free, or a suitable IP phone device. Sign up here.



White label VoIP solutions

White label VoIP solutions

Sipon provide a product with your company's logo and brand name, you can decide your own profit margins.

Call Shop solution

Call Shop solution

Sipon call shop solution, you take the best prices and you can decide your own profit margins.

Resell VoIP services

Resell VoIP services

Sipon enables you to sell SIP Termination, SIP Trunking, and other VoIP services.

Retail VoIP services

Retail VoIP services

Sipon enables you SIP Termination, Virtual PBX with the best voip rates world wide and high quality

SIP TRUNK for Call Center

SIP TRUNK for Call Center

Sipon offered SIP TRUNK with rates tailored to their needs and high quality voip routes

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

Sipon offered solution for Virtual PBX with features like IVR, Ring Groups, Conference Room u.a.

Low VoIP rates world wide

Without minimum call time. Per-second billing basis

FIX Line Greece

0.012 €
  • per minute

Mobile Greece

0.034 €
  • per minute

World wide rete starts from

0.005 €
  • per minute

Voip wholesales prices win 50% from retail prices

Start now and make your sign up
Sipon offers
telecommunication companies with call center traffic (CC Traffic) high quality voip routes via a number of carriers. Start your own Call Shop Business direct and easy!



Voip Resselers

Sipon gives you so many options when establishing a VoIP business. You can have different types of services, such as: reselling, prepaid calling cards, PINless, callback, call centre, call Shop, hosting … just to name a few! All this with white Label solution.

Wholesale prices

Wholesales super deal !! get untill 50% discount off retail prices 

Call Center Traffic Termination

Sipon provides high quality Call Center traffic Termination for India, China, Greece, Germany, Europe


SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a method by which business phone systems can operate using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. Use our telephone network and your own SIP server to develop your own telephony solutions that you use yourself or resell as a telephony provider.


Voip can also work through a PBX that supports Voip telephony. If PBX does not support Voip we can turn your PBX into a Voip PBX.

Answering Machine

Voice mail function. I receive email messages that I have received in wav format.

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