Why Wholesale VoIP and Wholesale SIP Trunking is So Popular

There are a variety of reasons why people in telecommunications businesses are so excited about offering both wholesale VoIP and SIP products. The biggest advantages for resellers include:

Recurring, Predictable Monthly Revenue

Businesses of all types and sizes covet a predictable, recurring monthly revenue stream. Offering SIP trunking wholesale is an innovative way to begin to accumulate a monthly income that grows over time with very little incremental costs. If you select the right partner program, once you add a customer, you earn commission each month over the life of the subscription. There is some initial setup work involved and perhaps some technical support from time to time, but beyond that, you keep earning month after month with very little work. This model gets you away from relying on big ticket hardware deals that can be difficult to predict or lost to competition.

Loyal Customers

You have already earned the trust of your customers who come to you for expertise and advice. Introducing them to SIP and VoIP is an effective way to strengthen your relationship and provide cost savings and other value. You’ll earn a bigger portion of the money they spend on telecommunications each month, and they’ll thank you for it.

Increased Profitability

There are a host of other services you can sell along with wholesale SIP that will make each account even more profitable. Some of the value-added services you can offer are:

We Offer
We offer the cheapest available rates in the market. You won't find lower rates than our international calling rates and tariffs for Wholesales Termination.

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SipOn VoIP termination provider

SipOn provides competitive, affordable, high quality voice termination around the world.
We have best service plans to best meet your company’s needs: for your sip routers.
Our services are offered to other VoIP service providers, carriers, ISPs and small businesses, plus call shops, calling cards, call center, contact center, Hotels, office.

Our wholesale termination solution means that each SIP trunking account gets the best of the voice termination world, including the required global coverage via our VoIP termination network, high availability and full redundancy.

Once you sign up for prepaid account, you will benefit from
  • Instant account activation
  • Payments by: Bank Transfer, Moneybookers, Ukash, Credit Card & Paypal
  • Supported protocols: SIP
  • Supported codecs: G711 / G729 / G723 / G726 / iLBC (20ms & 30ms) /GSMFR 13kbps
  • Unlimited channel capacity with one pre-paid balance
  • No recurring charges of any kind
  • Premium termination through Tier 1 carriers
  • Real-time CDRs and account management portal
  • Ideal solution for VoIP phones and IP-PBX systems
  • 1/1 Billing on all destinations except (Mexico fix and mobile 60/60)
  • A set up fee applies for each call
  • Call center termination
SipOn ,your reliable business VoIP provider

Nowadays every big and small business needs VoIP communications because it is not only cheaper but more efficient and versatile.

By cooperating with SipOn, you will join the list of our successful clients and get the opportunity of making cheap VoIP calls anywhere in the world!

If you are new to VoIP and want to improve your understanding of this revolutionary technology, don’t hesitate to visit our page

We are supporting call center traffic with best quality and prices

For very huge traffic we will consider better prices

Enhanced Features
Designed for businesses whose retail customers demand the highest possible quality and guaranteed CLI delivery.
These routes are tested using sophisticated CLI detection software to ensure the routes adhere to the highest quality metrics.


Ideal for businesses whose retail customers require high quality at competitive market rates.
CLI is supported wherever possible but is not guaranteed 100%.
Monitoring of quality metrics and continuous manual testing are used to ensure the routes adhere to retail quality standards.


Geared toward businesses that require stable connection at the absolute lowest price.
The wholesales termination offer is base in grey routes This is a non-CLI product and is tested for voice quality through manual testing.

SipOn Voip Provider

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