Zoiper for Androit

Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone

Instructions for installing and configuring Zoiper on your Android

Step 1
Download and install Zoiper
Skip this step if you have Zoiper already installed on your device.
Download Zoiper from the Google Play website or install it directly from the Google Play application on your device.
If not, please follow the provided .
Step 2
Start Zoiper and scan the QR code
Click on the "Zoiper" icon to start the application.
On the bottom left click on the QR Scanner button.
A viewfinder will appear, please position the phone so that the black and white barcode from step 3 fits between the lines.
Step 3
Scan this QR code
Step 4
Provide a username and a password
You can now use your Zoiper
Congratulations! You're ready to use your Zoiper.


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